About Elevate The Author

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

—”How do I grow my audience?”
—”How do I get more exposure?”
—”How do I make more sales?”

If you have, then Elevate The Author is your launchpad for reaching the next level.

Hey friend. My name’s Jay Magpantay and I used to be a coach—a business coach who couldn’t get any business.

(Oh, the irony)

I was using every trick in the book, too. I was:

  • Blogging
  • Video-making
  • Tweeting
  • Status-updating
  • Networking
  • Facebook-Advertising

And my result?

Tired nights with no new clients and an even thinner wallet than when I started.


How do you grow your business when no one knows who you are?

Full of doubts & depression, I nearly gave up my passion for digital marketing.

Until one day, I met an author. He showed me how a book would brand me as an expert and showed me how I could write it in a way where it didn’t take 10 years to finish.

I followed his advice, wrote my book, and used a bold strategy to reach a massive new audience.

And as he predicted…

My book changed everything!

  • I’ve been asked to host seminars in several cities
  • Been an interview-guest for TV and radio
  • Consulted with Fortune 500 companies 
  • Sought by influencers from three continents
  • Raised the caliber of my clientele
  • And now spend 8 months of the year overseas since I work remotely from my laptop

You’d be surprised at how easy it was to write a book (I finished in 28 days) and to shed light on the process for you…

Here’s the secret you hafta know before writing…

You’ll never get the “green light” to write your book if you wait.

No one’s gonna tell you that you’re ready. You hafta decide for yourself.

Start today. Use the 1-Page Book Blueprint to write your next bestseller and for the rest of your life, you’ll wish you wrote it sooner.

Why Elevate The Author?

This site is a Q+A hub for the ambitious Authorpreneur.

If you write and sell books, you’ll discover the steps for getting your book to the #1 spot on the bestseller charts.

If you have a business, you’ll discover ways to get people to beg you to be your customers.

Where ever you’re at in your Authorpreneur journey, Elevate The Author has you covered.

For published authors, here’s a good place to start:

For experts & entrepreneurs, this is where you wanna go:

For those who are more serious about getting their books done fast, get the #1 bestseller, The Write Way To Sell, directly through Amazon.

Get The Write Way To Sell on Amazon


Get The Write Way To Sell on Amazon

If you’re not yet ready and are still wonderin’ if writing a book is right for you. Get the FREE 1-Page Book Blueprint. It’ll help you navigate through a maze of conflicting advice that only confuses you and make a complicated project feel easy-peasy.

Get the Book Blueprint right NOW before it slips your mind and falls into a deep abyss of forgotten strategies.

Find Elevate The Author on your favorite social channel and more than anything, pass along this site to anyone who has an important story to tell.

If you have a story that the world needs to know or have a close friend who does, don’t hesitate. Encourage them to write their book and help each other elevate.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to helpin’ you soar to the highest level.

Jay Magpantay

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