Book Review: Way Of The Peaceful Warrior

Way Of The Peaceful Warrior is an easy read for the go-getta in self-discovery mode…

It’s about a college hotshot who thinks he’s got life figured out. At least until he meets Socrates and all of a sudden he realizes he knows nothing at all.

For non-fiction readers, it’s a book based in self-development that also brings the “Fun Factor” from being told in a story that feels like a movie…

Buncha lessons on happiness that’ll bring peace to your ultra-hectic lifestyle.

By the way, I “read” this while on a drive from San Diego to LA.

Then finished it on the crazy, congested traffic drive home.

Instead of buggin’ out at the constant stop-n-go of the gridlocked freeways of Los Angeles, this book helped me stay Zen throughout the on-road madness.

I’d recommend this to anyone whose recently said, “I need to read more”.

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