I Accidentally Used Email Marketing In My Backyard Business

I Accidentally Used Email Marketing In My Backyard Business

I used email marketing without even knowing it in my first business called EZDSIT.

I ran a clothing brand from my backyard (pretty easy compared to what I do now, to be honest).

Anywhoo – check it out…

People would buy my stuff from an online catalog called Big Cartel.

I’d get the orders and save the buyer’s email address in an excel file.

Then, when I released new designs, I’d send an email via BCC to everyone who previously bought…

I told ’em they were entitled to first dibs on my new release since they’ve bought in the past and wanna know what happened?

Those people were my always my best customers!

They bought often and in bulk for their friends (because they were gettin’ a discount) and while these numbers are just from memory (I can’t back em up)…

I regularly brought in over a $1,000 bucks in sales from people who were thrilled to get advanced notice of any new releases.

Not too bad for kid in his backyard, huh?

This was my most basic form of email marketing that would not be okay to do today (because of sending restrictions on gmail) but it does show the power of email marketing as a way of talking to people who are in love with what you’re doing.

Whether they just wanna be part of your exclusive tribe of subscribers or get head-of-line privileges to your latest stuff…

It pays to have a direct line of communication with your audience.

That’s why I’m sharin’ the news about my friend Isa’s new evergreen workshop.

She reveals 3 things in it:

  • How creators are using email to earn a full time living online
  • How to start your email list building right away, even if you have a list of ZERO and no tech experience (complete action plan)
  • How to brand your newsletter to attract superfans that’ll eventually become your best buyers

Sign up now and get her whole bag of goodies just for registering.

Upcoming workshop: 3 Steps To Your First 1,000 Subscribers

It’ll be one of the easiest things you do for your business so get on it before you forget!

Passin’ along the good vibes,

Jay Magpantay—
Author of the #1 Bestselling Book, The Write Way To Sell and Live Free & Retire Young


My sister graduates the Police Academy today. 

Tomorrow, I drive 3 hours to LA then 3 hours back for a superhero party in the afternoon.

Sunday, I’m havin’ tacos with my neighbor who I lived next to since 1990.

Then on Memorial Day, I’m meetin’ a fellow hustler in the e-comm space.

Good times…

Enjoy your weekend!

Jus’ don’t forget to register for the workshop =)

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