Justin Bieber vs Tom Cruise, Who Wins?
Justin Bieber vs Tom Cruise

Justin Bieber vs Tom Cruise, Who Wins?

I don’t know how serious this is.

If it’s a big joke or what.

But Justin Bieber challenged Tom Cruise to an MMA fight.

It’s worth noting that the Beebz is 25 and the ageless wonder is 56.

Can you imagine yourself calling out someone 31 years older than you to a fight in the cage?

The marketing game is crazy sometimes, ain’t it?

You can’t just be a good guy anymore who gives a shyt about your people.

You gotta do something bizarre to ignite a PR buzz.

Does it work?


But do you need to do challenge Hollywood’s A-Listers to get ahead in the game?


It’s borderline pathetic.

An easier time would be to:

  1. Build an audience with the skills that are most natural to you (articles, videos, posts, etc).
  2. Build a sincere relationship with your audience by showing your character and vulnerability.
  3. Share your passions about what you do.
  4. Let them buy when they’re ready.

That’s it.

  • No pressure sales.
  • No million followers on social
  • No stress and all love.

I’ve been in this game since 2015.

Constantly adjusting and evolving.

And you know what I found?

While it’s simple, it’s not easy…

Not because of techy marketing funnels or because marketing is like reading heiroglyphics.

It’s because we over-complicate things like a mofugga.

Which is what you’re doing right now, I’m sure.

Don’t believe me?

My Call to action in most of my emails is to simply reply if they need help.

Few will reply. Few will talk with me. And few will want to hire me to coach em through it.

Most people will do nothing.

And guess what?

That’s okay.

That’s business.

You can sell pizza to a pizza lover but if they’ve just ate, they’re never gonna buy.

Yet people sit there wondering why no one wants their pizza.

And using 10x the effort trying to force food down a full belly.

Anywhoo –

If you want some direction in your business.

Hit reply.

Let’s chat.

Jay Magpantay—
Author of the #1 Bestselling Book, The Write Way To Sell and Live Free & Retire Young


Remember. There’s always a fight going on.

But it’s not with a Boy Wonder Pop Star…

It’s with with yourself,


Bill Murray has to be 31 years older than me.

I think I’ll challenge him to a few rounds on Street Fighter…

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