Record Breaking Tactics For Jeopardy James

Did you know that a 34-year old gambler from Las Vegas has been dominating Jeopardy for the past month?

It’s true.

On a game where the average age for a contestant is 64…

A “kid” has been kickin’ tail for weeks…

James Holzhauer’s been pretty fun to watch:

  • He buzzes fast.
  • He answers right.
  • And he bets even bigger.

So big that he broke the record for most money earned on a single episode.

A cool record to have, right?

Anywhoo —​ 

Last night his streak ended to a younger rival, Emma Boettcher, who’s only 27.

…only 27!!!

And that made me wonder…

“How are all these kids so frikkin’ smart these days!?”

If I had to guess…

I’d say technology’s made it super easy to learn anything.

For example…

Anyone can start a business with a few taps on their phone. 

But back in the day it wasn’t easy. You needed:

  • Products.
  • Permits.
  • Pain (in the wha-zoo).

Don’t get it twisted…

Jus’ b’cuz it’s easier today doesn’t guarantee big bucks tomorrow.

And just as easy as it is for anyone to start a hustle…

It’s just as easy for them to shut it down.

That’s why you have to follow the footsteps of someone who’s already dunnit…

You’ll save alotta time while preserving your patience.

And the first step to do that is to show up for tomorrow’s workshop:

Launch your email list in 24 hours.

My friend Isa will show you everything you need to start growing your email audience so your sales are regular and your business stays consistent.

Don’t think too hard about it…

You have nothin’ to lose and only to knowledge to gain so sign up for the workshop to see what you’ve been missin’ out on.

You never know…

You might end up starting a record-breaking streak of your own.

Wouldn’t that be sumpin’?

This guy’s emails are the most fun to read.

Who is Jay Magpantay?—
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A medium-sized update after tomorrow’s workshop but for now…

Here’s the happy link to register to join it.

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