This Is What You Need To Write A Book In The Millennial Era

What you need to write a book isn’t an award from the high society, the only thing you need is a strong desire to get your ideas out there and a system for gettin’ it done easier and faster than ever before.

There are gonna be a few people who say you aren’t a legit author unless a publishing company picks up your book. Let ’em moan.

Meanwhile, this is article gives you what you need to write a book in today’s fast-paced world where waitin’ months for a publisher is somethin’ you can’t afford.

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The Problem

People always ask how to get their books published.

Before I give ’em the answer, I always say: “I’m gonna tell you, but out of curiosity, how do you think you would do it?”

The answers vary:

  • “I’d send my book to publishers”
  • “I have to get a literary agent”
  • “A publisher asks you to write a book”

Then I usually ask, “Have you started writing it already?”

This is the part where it gets sad:

  • “My book’s already finished”
  • “I have most of it done already”
  • “I don’t know what you need to write a book”

This tells me that people dedicate their time to writing a book without any guarantee that someone’s gonna publish them. Or that they’ve been waiting for the proverbial “green light” from someone else before they start.

The great thing about technology is that you can write a book and get it to the #1 bestseller spot, even if it’s meant to be a joke.

The #1 Requirement

You need an idea/story inside of you that you believe the world needs to hear, without it, why bother?

You bein’ here right now signals that you do. And 10 out of 10 times if you’re thinkin’ about it, you should totally do it.

Writing a book has been the single most powerful thing I’ve ever done for myself and for my career. Even if your book tanks at the box office, most people are gonna be amazed that you’re a published author. And that brands you as a total boss all by itself.

The #2 Requirement

You need a system to get it done.

What you need to write a book isn’t a publisher to get your books in the book store. You don’t need a literary agent to shop your manuscript. And you absolutely don’t need to be a world-famous goo-roo, either.

In fact, even if you had the opportunity to work with a publisher, it might be better for you to publish on your own.

Just ask Micheal Bungay Stanier, author of the bestselling book, The Coaching Habit:

“The next three years were spent in back-and-forth between me, the agent, and my publisher, and I failed to make any progress. I wrote proposals. The agent turned them down. I wrote more proposals. The agent and the publisher turned them down. I wrote entire books. My editor told me they “loved them” but didn’t “love them.”

“Exactly how I self-published my book, sold 180,000 copies, and nearly doubled my revenue”

He writes about his experience with publishers and his success with self-publishing here.

If you don’t mind being shackled by rules of the publishing world. With all their contracts, delays, and restrictions, self-publishing is the way you’ll publish your book today.

And here’s even better news, it’s free.

Thanks to technology and print-on-demand services like Kindle Direct Publishing, you don’t need anything special to get your thoughts to the world. You need steps for not getting lost chasing every new book-writing strategy that pops up.

And here it is:

Step 1 – Create your account on

Step 2 – Use their wizard to get your ISBN (International Standard Book Number, upload your cover, manuscript, double check for errors, and hit publish.

Do this and your book will be available for purchase on Amazon within 72 hours.

The Aftermath

There are more steps to writing a good book. But if you wanna get published in today’s millennial age, where everything need to get done in a flash, that’s all you need to do.

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You’ll get the complete set of steps to write your bestseller fast. PLUS all the sneaky little upgrades you can plug into your book to make the best salesman in your business.

Use it to become a bestseller and come back to share your story. I’d truly love to hear it.

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