Why I Quit ActiveCampaign And Where My Emails Are Going

I’ll pick up where I left off about email marketing…

After 2 years with ActiveCampaign, I’m pullin’ the proverbial plug and workin’ with ConvertKit.

I’ve used a buncha these apps in my hayday.

From the beginning it’s been:

  • Aweber
  • MailChimp
  • GetResponse
  • ActiveCampaign

Each of these have somethin’ good about ’em in their own right.

But now I jus’ feel like I’ve wasted a whole lotta time b’cuz none of em come close to how¬†fast ConvertKit is.

Gettin’ out a broadcast takes 10 minutes but felt like 25 with ActiveCampaign.

Even after talkin’ over the phone with AC about how frustrating their workflow is and with a few promises that they’d “look into it”…

I’ve arrived at the point of no return.

So while everyone raves about AC’s automations…

You’re still findin’ yourself takin’ 8 clicks to edit a subject line when it should take zero.

(Call me lazy, but it should be on the same screen where you edit the body like it is in your Gmail/Yahoo, right?)

So if your time is the most valuable asset you have (like the way it is mine) get their free book to help you conquer email marketing.

It’s perfect timing b’cuz if you’ll get a full 30-day trial just for showin’ up (everyone else only gets 14).

So if you’re ready to save yourself from headaches and upgrade to the speediest & easiest email marketing platform…

You can take my word after using now five different email apps…

Or you can see what they have to say about email marketing and get their Complete Guide To Email Marketing for free.

Enjoy the peace of mind!

The Complete Guide To Email Marketing
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